Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

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Far Left Column Spreadsheet Legend - Per Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. Black font:                   Top 25
  2. Purple font:                 Top 26-50
  3. Orange font:                To 51-100

 Note:  Click on Tab at bottom of spreadsheet (e.g. "Ranked by Distance") to open a new detail sheet.  BLACK font denotes the  sheet that is open. BLUE font denotes sheets that are not open.

MAP LEGEND - Per Top 100 U.S. Rank

  1. Black Diamond:          Top 25
  2. Purple Diamond:        Top 26-50
  3. Orange Diamond:      To 51-100
  4. Balloon Icons:             All others

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs

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