Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

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Horseshoe Meadows CA #2 / U.S. #7

 There is no 40 mile radius anywhere in the United States with a higher concentration of HC and Top 100 climbs than Owens Valley, CA - not even close.  This  may be the greatest pound for pound climbing mecca in the world.  Owens Valley is home to 9 of the Top 100 U.S. climbs by bike.  A whopping 7 of the top 30  U.S. climbs (nearly 25%) are in the valley.  For those "freak" climbers, with SAG support to drive you from Lone Pine (Whtiney Portal / Horseshoe Meadows) to  independence (Onion Valley) to Big Pine (White Mountain) you can take a shot at 4 of the Top 5 California climbs in a day (22,480' of climbing).  Owens Valley  gets extremely hot during the summer, so plan accordingly by going early or late in the season (note that you can encounter snow at higher elevations in  April/May and September/October).  

 For those interested in an epic, if not extreme, climbing trip, Death Valley is close by and can be easily added to the itinerary.   We will hopefully complete and report on Badwater to Whitney Summit in Summer 2016. 

 Bishop is the largest town in the Owens Valley and has many hotels - our favorite is the Creekside Inn - ​it is very reasonably priced and right next door to  an incredible bakery - Schat's - hey, you deserve an apple fritter for each of the monster HC climbs in the OV!  Owens Valley will not disappoint - if you are a  climbing cyclist, it is a must on any bucket list.

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  5. Orange Diamonds:     Top 41-50
  6. ​Balloon Icons:             Top 51-100

Cycling and Climbing the Sierras

Owens Valley, CA