Background photo - U.S. #5 Pikes Peak CO.

Top 100 Bike Climbs in the United States

Note:  Scroll down the spreadsheet to access the remaining  Top 100 climbs - the Top 1-100 climbs are included on this  sheet.

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             MAP LEGEND

  1. Black Diamond:          Top 10
  2. Purple Diamond:        Top 11-20
  3. ​Maroon Diamond:      Top 21-30
  4. Blue Diamonds:           Top 31-40
  5. Orange Diamonds:     Top 41-50
  6. ​Balloon Icons:             Top 51-100 hosts a definitive Climb Ranking Index for the top road bike climbs in the United States. Through our personal  experiences, internet  searches, contributions from cyclists via social media (e.g. reddit and Facebook) and John Summerson's The  Complete Guide to Climbing (by bike),  we have  created what we feel is the most reliable Top 100 Most Difficult Climbs by Road Bike list  available on the web.  We welcome your ideas and recommendations    for our Top 100 and also for any area, region, state or country that  would benefit from the climbing maps and indexes we create.  Contributions can be made  via our  Climb Contributions Page,  ClimbingbyRoadBike subreddit page, or direct email to   Our method for ranking climbs is  explained on  the Fiets Index Page.

Road Bike Climb Ranking Index